2015 Season


Nutty Nukes won the 2015 cup after defeating last year's winner Take Bat in the Grand Final, a closely fought match.

Lumen Loonies took the plate in a decisive match versus SILlit Bang, bringing the 2015 competition to a close.

A total of 3872.5 rounders were scored in the 2015 season.

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League Tables


Scorer Tables

Main Competition

Nutty Nukes
Cup Semi 1
Schrodinger's Bat
Nutty Nukes
Grand Final
Take Bat
Cup Semi 2
Take Bat

Plate Competition

Mad Batters
Plate Semi 1
Lumen Loonies
Lumen Loonies
Plate Final
SILlit Bang
SILlit Bang
Plate Semi 2
Barmy Army


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