2013 Season


The competition concluded with the trophy presentation ceremony for all finalists and the highest scoring players. Many thanks to Dr David Holton, Chief Technologist at AMEC for presenting the trophies.

A total of 3362.5 rounders were scored in the 2013 season.

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League Tables


Scorer Tables

Main Competition

Take Bat won the Cup competition, in a nail-bitingly close match against the Bat Fastards. Final score was 19/18.5.

Cup Knockouts

Nutty Nukes
Semi 1
Bat Fastards
Bat Fastards
Grand Final
Take Bat
Take Bat
Semi 2

Plate Competition

Neutron Stars took the Plate competition in a 20.5/17 win after pulling back from a half rounder down against Swinging Members at half time.

AAA Batters
Plate Semi 1
Neutron Stars
Neutron Stars
Plate Final
Swinging Members
Swinging Members
Plate Semi 2

Chilton Challenge won by ROTW

The Chilton Challenge results were RAL 19.5,TROTW 22.5. Scoresheet available here: Chilton Challenge

Exhibition Matches

This was an experiment in the 2013 season. Results from these matches didn't affect the tournament, their purpose was to test a different format using a fixed number of no-balls per innings rather than a fixed time. A selection of results are available below:

Take Bat vs Lumen Loonies

ESA Space Cadets vs Oddballs

Fireballs vs Bats Out of Harwell

Magic Rounder-Bat vs Take Bat

Nutty Nukes vs Mad Batters

Lumen Loonies vs Bat Fastards


Lots for 2013. Take a look at Photos for details.