Mad Loonies v Bat Hit Crazies

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Date Tue 20th Jul 2021
Pitch 1
Type played
Stage round1
Umpired by Hit For Brains
Bat to the Future

Teams Mad Loonies Bat Hit Crazies
Result lost won
Full Time Scores 12 18.5
Half Time Scores 7.5 8
No-balls (innings 1) 2 15
No-balls (innings 2) 6 11
No. of players 7 7
Player 1 Hannah Muldoon 1 Gavin Lane 1.5
Player 2 James Butterworth 1.5 Henry Brown 5.5
Player 3 Leanne Spurway 3 Iona Chandler 1
Player 4 Sarah Offill - Peter McGinty 1.5
Player 5 Alan Thomas 0.5 Samuel Thomas -
Player 6 David Johnson 0.5 Tom Evans 4
Player 7 Ross Hawton 0.5 David Johnson 4
Total Rounders - 7 - 17.5
No-balls Contribution - 5 - 1
Calculated score - 12 - 18.5
Consistent? - YES - YES

View the scoresheet for this fixture here:scoresheet_2.pdf

The second scoresheet is also available for this fixture:scoresheet_2b.pdf